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Gravel Biking in Albania

A 6 days cycling adventure in the country of eagles.

Discover why Albania should be on every gravel rider's bucket list.

More than cycling Albania's finest gravel roads and single tracks, this trip is also a journey through the history and culture of this fascinating country.
It will take you through various landscapes in central Albania, from Tirana to Mount Tomorr and back via Pogradec and Peshkopia.

Trip Essentials

6-13 October 2024

Gravel Biking in Albania : An Overview.

This is a cycling experience you won't find anywhere else.

Despite a population moving to the cities, the times of rural Albania are not so far back, and the signs of this old lifestyle are still visible, with a lot of rural dirt roads and trails. Of the 18000km of roads, barely 3000 are classified as national roads, and today, Albania offers an unparalleled network of gravel roads and trails spanning the entire nation.

Every day, our guides will take you on a new ride along rolling gravel roads and a few challenging sections carefully selected to bring your abilities to the next level. Thanks to our following car, nothing is mandatory, and it's always ok to rest until fresh for the next adventure.
Our local partners are dedicated to ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the journey. They are not only drivers, but also passionate ambassadors of their country, ready to share their knowledge and love for Albania with you.

We'll spend each night in a new hotel with all the comfort and amenities necessary to take care of the riders and their bikes. 
Of course, delicious local gastronomy will be served, preparing the bodies for the next day.


Day 1: Arrival in Tirana & Gear check
Day 2: Tirana - Gramsh. This is our warm-up day, starting in the outskirts of town and through farming landscape to the city of Elbasan. 42km, +600m.
Day 3: Gramsh-Tomorr. We step up our game with more climbs, with the sacred Bektashi mountain in sight, Mount Tomorr. 44km, +1500m. 
Day 4: To Voskopojë. After a (nonmandatory) start in the car, we'll bike up to 1900m of altitude before reaching the beautiful old village of Voskopoje. 50km, +1800m
Day 5: Voskopojë-Pogradec. THE day. 100% scenic gravel roads in a surreal landscape, arriving in the lake city of Pogradec, on the Macedonian border. 67km, +1700m
Day 6: Pogradec-Bulquizë. Stunning landscapes and Albanian history. From the oldest mosque to the scars of the communist regime, this will be a long ride, and our following car will be here to help! The maximum distance is 95km and +2000m.
Day 7: Peshkopi-Tirana. The final day takes us from Pehskopi, at the foothills of Albania's highest peaks, back to Tirana via rolling hills and eventually a farming landscape. It is 70km, +1400m.


Logistics & Lodging
We'll have a big 4-wheeler from Albania Adventure as a follow-on car, ready for the rugged Albanian terrain. They will carry our luggage, spare parts, spare bikes, and, of course, food and water. 
Every night, we will stop in hotels (double rooms) selected  for their hospitality and food quality.

This trip has been designed for intermediate riders, meaning you can ride for 5 hours in the saddle on hilly terrain at your own pace, within your comfort zone.
Expect some climbs similar in distance and verticals to a classic col in the Alps and long downhills that might be shaky but never technical or dangerous.

Length of the days
Thanks to our following car, nothing is mandatory.
Remember, the suggested itinerary is just that-a suggestion. We understand that everyone's needs and preferences are different. If you feel the need to rest or want to savor specific parts of the route, we are more than happy to accommodate. Your comfort and enjoyment are our top priorities.
Likewise, there are moments planned to be done by car, which can be ridden if the days are feeling too short for you.

Wow moments

What will blow your mind in Albania?

  • The wild nature, as soon as we leave Tirana.
  • The variety and size of the gravel road network.
  • The kindness of the people, and most specifically from our local guide, always keen on sharing his love for his country and his knowledge about the 1000 years of history unfolding around us.
  • Biking in the unreal rocky landscape south of Pogradec.
  • Visiting the oldest mosque in Albania.
  • Seeing the scars of the communist regime.
  • Entering the old stone village of Voskopojë and its cobblestone streets.
  • The food! Albanians are proud of their food culture, and we will show you the best of it.



  • All transport from / back to Tirana airport
  • A following car for the duration of the bike trip
  • A bike guide for the whole trip
  • All food outside Tirana
  • Lodging in double rooms for the whole trip

Not Included

  • Your personal insurances 
  • Your bike and equipment
  • Food in Tirana on the first and last day
  • Drinks
  • Customary gratuity for your guides and drivers
(Gravel bike rental)

Know before you go

  • This is an adventure, and even if the following car will never be too far we will be most of the time far from the civilisation. Which means for exemple no access to toilets for long parts of the days.
  • You will need a gravel bike with a mountain drive train. Unsure ? Just get in touch.
    We have rental options
  • The lunches might be taken in local restaurants or we might have picnics depending on the possibilities.
  • All diets and food allergies can be managed.
  • Albania is the safest country in the Balkans, and it always feels great to be there as a visitor.
  • Credit cards can be used but it's a good idea to have some cash. Change possible at the airport.