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Clément Bléteau

Clément Bléteau Clément Bléteau

IFMGA Mountain Guide

Born in Grenoble, in a climbers family, it was no surprise that at 5 years old he was already tied to a rope. Spending all his vacations (or when truanting…) in grandmother’s chalet in the Haute-Maurienne, that’s where he discovered the joy of skiing.Thanks to his father he started travelling, climbing a 6000m top in Nepal, and then it was the Elbrus on skis. Since then he’s living with the urge of moving and discovering new horizons. He became a mountain leader in 2010 and kept training to finally get the IFMGA mountain guide certification. Here in Maurienne, or far abroad he will guide you, with skis, climbing shoes, crampons, you name it !