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Sylvain Rechu

Sylvain Rechu

IFMGA Mountain Guide / Ski instructor.

Pure product of the Maurienne Valley, he stepped in his first pair of skis at age 3, and almost never took them off.

At a young age he started with alpine skiing competitions with La Norma, and became a certified ski instructor in 2011.
Later on, his passion for alpinism started to grow when he’s father introduced him to rock climbing.The first multi-pitch climbs and the discovery of his first frozen waterfalls locked him to that environnement and to the feeling of freedom. His will to climb and to ski only for bigger and bigger…
At 20 years old he got seriously contaminated by the travelling virus, with a first steep skiing expedition in Alaska. He’s always on the move, from North America to Peru, with maybe a stop “chez Mumu” in Bonneval-sur-arc before continuing toward the fjords of Northern Norway for a bit of ski touring.

As a guide, he loves to share the simplicity, the enjoyment and the feeling of mindfulness given by the life up on the mountains. He’s also incredibly good at giving you some of his great energy, on skis on just with his sense of humor that you will learn to appreciate…

He’s getting quickly sick when packed in a cable car or at the bottom of a crowded chairlift like sheep in the herd, so it’s far from the crowds that he will guide you…if you can keep up with him !