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GOAL : 4000m asl !

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GOAL : 4000m asl !

Monte Rosa 4558m

Introduction to glacier hiking and high altitude.

Climbing above 4000m is, and has always been, a strong symbol for alpinists and mountain enthusiasts of all kinds.

With proximity, easy acces thanks to the lifts and not to be forgotten the quality of the italian huts, the Monte Rosa range is offering the ideal settings to discover high altitude alpinism.

Trip Essentials

June, July 2024
Greyssoney, Italy


If you're a reasonnably good hiker, able to walk 6h a day on approx 1000 vertical meters, then this trip is suitable for you. 
You don't need any experience with crampons.

This range is found ih north of Torino, in Italy, and is specially interesting for a first contact with the very high mountains, thanks to the lifts and to nice and welcoming mountain huts.

Depending on weather and group profile, we will be based in a single hut or move between different mountain huts.
Quintino Sella and Gnifetti huts will be our basecamps of choice for these 3 days.

A few figures

4 guests for one guide to the maximum
4000m, the symbolic line we will cross. 
2 nights in altitude mountain huts (without running water!)
580mbar is teh atmospheric pressure at 4500m on a good weather day (1013 mbar at 0 m), hence the importance of acclimatization...

A bit of Geography

This mountain range on the border between Switzerland and Italy has more than a dozen peaks above 4000m.
The Monte Rosa itself consists in 5 tops, the highest being the Pointe Dufour at 4634m

At the top of the Pointe Gnifetti (4558m) you will find the Margherita Hut, highest in Europe! The stunning beauty of the summits around, plus the high altitude environnement can explain why a glacier hike on the Italian side became so popular. And no joke, it's called "The Spaghetti Tour"!

For our trip, we'll climb mountains according to the weather and the group abilities, and summits like the Castor (4223 m) with its famous snow ridge or the more easy but not less beautiful Pyramide Vincent (4215 m) will certainly be on our menu...

Note that the easy acces to these high mountains should not make us forget about the importance of a good acclimatization.


Day 1:  We meet in Greyssoney, Italy, where we will get geared up and take the lifts. 

From there, two options are possible, depending on the group and the weather.

Hut to hut :
From the top chairlift, we will hike 1000 vertical meters to the Quintino Sella hut at 3585 m. 
Day 2 we will climb the famous Castor (4223 m). This is a short (approx 700 m) and technically easy hike, so a perfect first day to get acclimatized smoothly! 
Day 3, early start for a long day of glacier hiking close to the famous Lyskamm ridge. The main difficulty will be on the Nazo du Lyskamm ( 4272 m) with some mixed climbing and a 80 m / 45° slope. Secured by the rope, this crux will take us to the descent towards the Lys Glacier. We'll keep going to the Mantova hut for a well deserved break before heading down to the valley via the Indren cable car (3250 m).


Based in one hut :
The huts Citta di Mantova (3440m) and Gnifetti (3590 m), only 150 vertical meters apart are the ideal basecamps to discover the mountains around.
On the day 1, a short and easy hike will take us to the glacier where we will teach you about walking with crampons.
Day 2, we'll keep acclimatizing by hiking to the Pyramide Vincent, 4215 m. This glacier hike is both spectacular and easy, on massive glaciers. Back to the hut early enough to recover.
Day 3 we'll get up much earlier to reach our goal : the Punta Gnifetti at 4558 m. Technically easy, this day will be much about endurance!. A quick visit to Europe's highest mountain hut will help us recover some power before starting to hike back down to the valley, filled with beautiful high altitude memories! 


Included :

  • 3 days with an IFMGA Mountain Guide
  • 2 nights lodging in mountain huts, half board
  • lift tickets

Not included :

  • Transport to Greyssoney
  • Drinks
  • Lunches
  • Your personal insurances
per person in a group of 3 to 4 persons.

Dates 2024

Juni & July
Dates coming soon.
Got a group of 3 or 4, ask for your own dates !



You will need to be a reasonnably good hiker, and a first experience of walking with crampons is an advantage, but not mandatory. 
On a few summits, the view can be impressive, don't hesitate to talk about that with your guide.


If you are a group between 2 and 4 people, we can organize that trip at any date that might suit you. Just get in touch!

Informations and Bookings

+33 7 85 62 21 53