The Haute-Maurienne Skyline !


The Haute-Maurienne Skyline !

The Six 3000m tops of the Mont-Cenis

Col du Lou To Pointe du Lamet

The Mont-cenis plateau, with its lake between France and Italy is a wild and unique area. To the North, the Pointe de Ronce (3612m) and the neighbouring peaks are located on a ridge that's shaping a huge bowl above the lake, where 6 tops above 3000m are following each other. This can be done as a 2 days introduction to alpinism with bivy, or as a long single push on one day, a true skyline among clouds and Gypaètes, the biggest raptor living here!

Trip Essentials

June to October
Val Cenis, Haute Maurienne, France
Beginner to Advanced

A few facts

- The 6 peaks:

  1. Le Signal du Mont-Cenis 3377m

  2. La Pointe de Ronce 3612m

  3. La Pointe du Vieux 3464m

  4. La Pointe du Chapeau 3419m

  5. La Pointe de la Haie 3542m

  6. La Pointe du Lamet 3504m. 

- Vertical meters: 1900m

How difficult is that traverse?

This very unique itinerary offers a perfect terrain for an introduction to alpinism.

Never too difficult, on a few spots you will need to use your hands to climb, but this is otherwise mostly scrambling, following the ridge on rocks and snow, with a finish on the Lamet Glacier.

The view from the ridge is breathtaking, but never too steep, never scary, and for sure the variation in the terrain will keep you focused and stoked for the whole trip!

With or without Bivy ?

We propose this trip as a single day or as a two days adventure. 

The fast option requires a lot of fitness, as you will need to climb up and down 1900 vertical meters. It's a great challenge if you're trained for it!

Choose the bivy option if you want to have more time to be in the mountains, to learn as much as possible from your guide and enjoy the incredible surroundings and views. We'll show you how to select a bivy spot that offers both the sunset and sunrise and all the routines that are making this experience enjoyable and comfortable!

Group Size

1 to 4 persons with one IFMGA guide.

Per person, food included. Loan of bivy / technical gear (sleeping bag, mattress, crampons, harness, ice axe, helmet)

Gear rental

In case you don't have anything in the list below, please get in touch. All is available for rental, and the gear is cleaned and used in conformity with our obligations regarding the Covid-19 situation.

What do I need to bring ?
Kit List