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La Dent Parrachée, 3697m

One of the highest and most iconic mountain in the Vanoise, the Dent Parrachée is massive, unmissable and makes an impression anywhere you look at her from! The normal route, from the hut of the same name, above Aussois, is easy and offers a lot of variation, from snowy slopes to rocky ridges and easy climbing. The view from the top is stunning, with the huge Vanoise glaciers on one side, and the green valley floor 2400m below to the other side.

This peak was climbed for the first time in 1862 by some mountain goats hunters from Modane, but some guides like Josué Damevin, aka « Josué de la Parraché » have played a big role in the history of the Dent Parrachée. Jean-Noël Roche, guide from Lanslevillard and Jean-Claude Poulain did the first ascent of the north face in 1973.

Starting point : Aussois and the Refuge de la Parrachée
Type: snow, easy climbing, ridge
Vertical meters : 1200m from the hut
Difficulty : Easy 
Highlights: Variation & View

Dômes de la Vanoise

The Dômes de la Vanoise is the name of a massive ice cap, in the heart of the Vanoise National Park,  spreading its glaciers from the Pointe de la Réchasse to the north and the Pointe de Labby to the South, with an average altitude around  3500m. This is one of the largest glaciated area in the french Alps and beyond.

The Dôme de Chasseforêt (see photo opposite),  3586m was first climbed on the 1st of septembre 1876 by Charles Maingot, Pierre et André Puissieux, starting from Termignon.

Starting point : Refuge de l'Arpont, or via a longer traverse from the Refuge de la Parrachée.
Type: snow & ice
Vertical meters : 1200m from the Refuge de l*Arpont
Difficulté : Easy

Monolithe de Sardières

The iconic Monolithe de Sardières can be seen as pure rock climbing, but it has a strong connection with the local alpine climbing scene. This 93m self standing rock needle is located in Val-Cenis, in the Vanoise National Park.
The climb starts in a nice pine tree forest, but as soon as you leave the ground the perspective becomes quickly more impressive...will you be able to stand on the top? 

A few routes of different grades are equipped.
The historical one, « la Classique Paquier » was first climbed in 1957 by Michel Paquier.
In the same range of difficulty « le Dieu des Elfes » (6 a/b) offers a more modern style of climbing  with steepness and good pockets!

The inauguration ceremony of the Vanoise National Park was held at the very bottom of the monolithe, on the 26th of june 1965.  

Starting point : Sardières
Type: rock climbing
Vertical meters : 93m d'escalade
Grade : french 6 a/b

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