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Ski touring with a pulka in norway

Finnmark Alps Skadi Camp

20th / 27th April 2018

Level: 3-D

​A different kind of girl camp !

Skadi, in the old Scandinavian mythology, was the goddess of bow hunting and skiing, and she was a tough one ! The choice of a female character to embody those activities is making a lot of sense, as women are proven (by statistics) to be safer and smarter than men when it comes to skiing.

Sorry guys !

We started with the idea of a girl camp, but quickly realized that men would benefit a lot from it, and decided to open it for everybody.

So here’s what the Finnmark Alps Skadi Camp will be : a gathering of eager mountain skiers that want to learn how to ski better, safer, smarter and how to camp in a snowy and remote environnement, guided and instructed by Sara and Johanna.

We aim for different goals during this week :

-snow, avalanche and skiing skills.

You will learn to deal with the questions we all have when skiing : where is the good snow ? where is it safe to ski ? how do I plan a trip ?

Everyday will be a new occasion to work on those particular skills, from the map to the terrain :

.route planning on the map.

.fetching information (snow, weather) and understanding it

.understanding where the good snow is, and why.

.confronting your plans to the reality, staying flexible and re-evaluating all the time.

.reading the terrain, and using it to ski better, and safer.

.looking for signs of instability : what are the sings, how and where do we look for them ?

.managing the group safety in a wild environnement.

the decision process : how to make it more efficient with dialogue and transparency.

.the human factors : how do they affect our decisions.

-Outdoor life in an arctic environnement

Sleeping in a tent, carrying your equipment on a pulka is both efficient and really enjoyable when you want to make the most of these huge wild mountain areas from Northern Scandinavia.

During this camp you spend 2 nights in a lodge, and 5 nights under a tent, including a 4 days trip in total autonomy !

You will learn :

.to use a pulka

.to determine where it is ok to camp, regarding, snow, wind, temperature, access to water and so on…

.to use the equipment : tents, burners

.to manage yourself and your gear in this environnement. Which means basically to stay dry, warm and happy !

-to find running water, when possible.

.to cook some good meals without getting depressed by eating only dry-freezed food.

...and all the small tricks that are making the difference between heaven and hell when you live in a tent in winter.

​The program

Day 1 :

After being picked up in Alta, we will drive to Øksfjord (1h30), and from there take a ferry to Bergsfjord.

Dinner and night at Bergsfjord Lodge.

Day 2 :

The first day will be dedicated to review the basics.

After the morning briefing, we will leave the lodge with our pulkas loaded for one night out. A short hike will take us to a place where we will put up the tents…and go skiing !

The terrain around is big and with a lot of variation, so a lot of opportunities to talk about options and making decisions.

Back to the tents we will spend our first night out, a good moment to learn the routines without the pressure of a multi days trip.

Day 3 :

From our camp we’ll go on a ski tour for the whole day. On the way back we take our gear and slide back to the lodge for a good dinner.

Day 4, 5, 6, 7 :

Day 4 will start on a boat, crossing towards Sør-Tverrfjord, which will be the starting point of a four days trip in total autonomy.

No fixed plan for this expedition as we will aim for the best possible conditions, and will teach you how to stay flexible in your decisions and your route planning.

This trip will take us in a very wild mountain environnement, remote and rarely skied. Truly unique.

On day 7 we will reach the north coast of Jøkelfjord, where a boat will take us back to the south. From we will be driven to Langfjordbotn where a warm shower and a nice dinner will conclude this adventure.

Day 8 :

We drive you back to Alta airport.

Climate :

In spite of being located far north of the arctic circle (70° north !), the region has a climate that is highly comparable at what you would find in the Alps, thanks to the gulf stream.

At that time of the year the weather is usually more toward the spring, but there is still a possibility for cod spells and snow.

The most exotic part of it is the sun that almost never sets, and the 24/24 light. This has a great influence on the snow and this is something that you will learn more about…

​The region :

Your guides :

Sara Widell
Sara Widell

Sara is the first Swedish woman to become an IFMGA certified mountain guide.

Johanna Davidsson

Johanna Davidsson

Johanna is a Swedish adventurer. She’s been paddling month-long kayak trips, crossing Greenland with a kite and she recently became the fastest woman on a solo expedition to the South Pôle. She knows what living outside means!

Budget :

This camp is open to 10 participants.

If the group is full, the price will be 1445€/person

Including :

-All transportations from / to Alta (car, ferry, boat)

-The lodging and food in Bergsfjord Lodge

-All the dinners

-The expedition gear (tents, stoves, pulkas)

-the two outstanding guides !

Not including :

-the drinks

-the breakfasts, lunches and snacks

-your personal ski gear, sleeping bag and mattress.

-your insurance.

Booking and informations
Send us a mail or call +46 733745959 (en, fr, se)

Packing list

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