Japan Road Trip Hokkaido

The quest for the mythical powder.

Skiing powder snow, that’s what we are looking for in Japan ! With some regular off-piste from the lifts and of course some ski touring, this road trip around the island of Hokkaido will take you to that incredibly light, deep, dry and fast snow.

Trip Essentials

2-10 January 2021
Hokkaido, Japan.
D 3,4

Climate, snow & skiing

With an average snow fall that is close to 15m a year, no need to explain that the weather can be bad. It doesn’t mean there is no chance for a bluebird day, but most likely it will be snowing.

But that’s exactly what we are looking for, no ?

The low pressure systems coming from Siberia are maintaining a temperature below 0°c from December to February, and bringing some snowfalls that are not only remarquable for their amount, but also by their quality. Dry and light, this snow is incredibly fast and allow us to ski in extremely deep powder even in medium angle terrain. The really good tree skiing that is found in Japan allow us as well to ski whatever the weather, the visibility, the amount of new snow !


The idea of this road trip is to be efficient and ready to chase the best snow, for that prurpose we will stay in a central location on the north side of the Island of Hokkaido.

Furano and Asahikawa are well placed, close to some not so popular resorts and on the main roads to different mountain ranges that are offering great touring.

Depending on the period and the snow conditions, we will ski places like Daisetsuzan National park, Asahidake, Sounkyo, Hidaka, or much further to Shiretoko National park or even Rishiri Island!

The arrival and departure will be in Sapporo, Chitose international airport, from there we'll drive to our final destination. As snow is not just falling on the mountains but also on the roads, we will use a 4x4 minivan. 


We are now working with rental apparments around Hokkaido, to be able to propose different standards of lodging, form the traditional Japanese guesthouses to the equivalent of 3 stars hotels.

And why not mountain huts ?

By doing so, we are able to propose this trip to a wide range of budgets, please get in touch !

Upon request

Gear specifics

Wide skis:

You will need some buoyancy to ski the Japanes powder! But to be able to hike, you will need a light and reasonnable setup. Less than 100mm under the foot is a bad idea. Please contact us for advice!


When snow is dumping really hard, or even when you're riding in super deep pow, it is sometimes quick to wet your goggles to the point they become useless. At that moment, having a second pair in your backpack can save the day.

Kit List

This is what you need to pack for this trip
Kit List