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Paddling the fjord to go skiing

Ski Touring and Surf Ski paddling in Norway

2d / 9th of May 2020

Level: C-D, 3-4

​From our very first exploration trip to Finnmark, back in 2007, we’ve been thinking that paddling across those fjords to go skiing would be fantastic.

It’s of course the combination of two complementary activities, both pure, silent and human powered that made us dream.

But it’s also the beauty of the landscapes, and the extra time you get for contemplation instead of getting shaken on a fast motor boat.

And last but not least, paddling across the fjords with our own boats, free to choose our routes opens us a new world of ski touring terrain, a lot of it having simply never been skied !

Thanks to Erik from Nomado we are fully equipped with Epic Surf Skis, carbon wing paddles, dry suits and safety equipment from Ursuit to make the paddling in those cold waters comfortable and safe. Erik is also co-guiding this trip, to help you with the paddling technique and to make sure that everybody is safe on the water.

More than a ski trip with an alternative way to transport ourselves, this is a week when you will get better at two activities, skiing and paddling surf skis.

If you wonder what a surf ski is, just browse Erik’s webpage

A Surf Ski is a fast, fun and safe sit on top kayak. Much easier to use, specially for beginners. It’s well suited for carrying us and our stuff to some incredible skiing !

Everyday we will discover a new fjord, a new landscape. Our choices will be based on weather, water and snow conditions, but we’ll make our best to show you as much as possible of the treasures of Finnmark.


Langfjordbotn, 1h30 drive from Alta airport.


Although being located far north, the climate in this region is not so cold, thanks to the gulf stream.


Ski touring, walking, paddling 4 to 8 hours each day. Physical level : 3 to 4 Technical level : C to D

To be sure to give you the best experience, we ski only with small groups of 6 people maximum with each mountain guide.


We stay in a typical norwegian house, with double and triple rooms.

Price (in a group of 6) : 2620€ per person.

Included :

- 6 days skiing with a UIAGM mountain guide for a group of 6 maximum.

-Kayak rental and paddling lessons with a kayak instructor

-All transportation in Norway, from/to Alta airport.

-7 nights accomodation.

-All meals.

Not included :


-Flight to Alta.

-Personal insurance.

Booking and informations
Send us a mail or call +46 733745959 (en, fr, se)

Packing list

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