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View of Tamok valley, ski touring paradise in Northern Norway.

Ski touring in Norway, Tamok Valley.

Mars to May 2018, weekly.

Level: C-D, 3-4

Whatever is your experience or knowledge about skiing in Norway, the valley of Tamok has something completely different to offer.

No fjords here and no need for a boat, these are inland mountains, culminating at 1590m and with a strong arctic character. The view from the peaks is breathtaking : snow covered mountains, few signs of civilisation, and endless dreams for those who love ski touring. Long of 25 km, the valley is hiding a true ski paradise, with massive mountains, long wide open slopes and spectacular views. Tamok is also well known for couloirs and steep skiing, as many mountains here are offering deep, narrow and steep chutes. Something truly unique !

Last but not least, the area is having a micro-climate that is delivering more snow here than just a few kilometers away. This means more powder and longer ski seasons !

​We will start the trip from Bardufoss airport, and a one hour drive will take us to the heart of Tamok Valley.

From there, we will go every day ski touring to a new place, a new mountain. We’ll never drive more that 20mn to go to our starting point, and it’s even possible to step in the skis right in front of hour house ! Thanks to those short transfers it’s actually possible to ski every day as much as your legs can tolerate.


The meeting point is Bardufoss airport, south of Tromsø. The flight company Norwegian is flying there daily from Oslo.


Being located above te arctic circle but not too far from the coast, Tamok is still under the influence of the gulf stream which allows temperatures to be comparable to the Alps. Be ready for winter, but nothing extreme.


Ski touring, walking 2 to 5 hours each day (or more…)

Physical level : 3 to 4
Technical level : C to D

To be sure to give you the best experience, we ski only with small groups of 6 people maximum with each mountain guide and we make sure that you are in a group with same fitness and expectations so that you get the skiing you’re looking for.


We’ll stay in a house located in the middle of the valley, as close as possible to the peaks. You will stay in comfortable double rooms, there is a nice living room and a kitchen where we will prepare our meals ourselves (we do the shopping on the way from the airport). There is also a sauna next to the river to relax after a long day skiing and get in shape again for the next tour.

Our host here is a dedicated snowboarder, touring the mountains around on his split board everyday. He knows the area better than anybody else and is a precious source of informations.

Price for a group of 6 persons

1695€ per person

Included :

- 6 days skiing with a UIAGM mountain guide for a group of 6 maximum

-All transportation in Norway, from/to Bardufoss airport

-7 nights accommodation

Not included :


-Flight to Bardufoss

-Personal insurance.

Booking and informations
Send us a mail or call +46 733745959 (en, fr, se)

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Ski touring in Norway, Tamok valley. Beautiful peaks in Tamok, Norway, made for skiing ! Reaching the top of Blåbærfjellet, Tamok, Norway ski touring. Tamok valley, Norway skiing hidden gem.