Ski touring in Finnmark
Powder skiing in Norway

Ski Touring in The Finnmark Alps

Discover the last frontier in the north of Norway.

Quiet, unexplored and wild, Northern Norway fulfills a skier's dream: riding surrounded by fjords and making the last turn by the sea!  

Trip Essentials

Ski Touring
March to May, Weekly
Alta, Finnmark, Norway
All levels

What kind of skiing should you expect ?

The Finnmark Alps are culminating above the fjords at 1191m on the glacier of Øksfjord, which have been heavily eroded and shaped by the glaciers during and after the last ice age.

Today, they offer big ice caps in altitude, some sharp peaks and typical plateau shaped mountains with steep sides. Anything is possible here with the perfect ski mountains, from cruising in the low angle terrain to sending jump turns in the steeps. For the bad weather days, there are also many forest to hide and have fun skiing powder.

On a typical day we ski between 800 and 1600m. It's easy to adjust to the group and propose one, two or more tours so everybody gets to ski as much as possible. But what we like best about ski touring in Finnmark is the absence of people. These mountains, the last range before the flatlands to the north cape have been looked upon for years. Until the high frequentation in some other arctic regions have recently been pushing the skiers to look to new horizons. No need to say that we're far ahead and that our secret is well kept.

When was the last time you spent a week skiing without seeing a soul ?

Why is Upguides your best choice ?

Finnmark is our second home.
Since 2009, we have dedicated each spring in the region without flying in and out. During these years, we've build close relationships with the locals, most who've become our friends.They help us organise the best possible week for you, but also bring that extra feeling of being welcomeed in a remote region and being a part of it during your stay.
With the same mindset for all of our trips, the people and the culture are come before the mountains. We believe that beyond the fjords and the peaks, the fabric of norwegian society is what really matters and can make a trip a memory for a lifetime.

We welcome you to join us for our 16th years in Finnmark.

What do we offer ?

  • Comfy lodging with gorgeous views.
  • Certified, knowledgeable and friendly guides.
  • Our best posible service before, durong and after the trip.
  • Fresh and local food cooked for you daily by our chef Erik
  • A choice of routes and ski runs for all skill levels, fine tuned over 16 years in Finnmark

Climate & Daylight

At 70° north, the lenght of the day evolves quickly.

From the long dark period in the heart of the winter, you can expect days as long as in the Alps by mid-March.
After the 20th of April there is hardly any darkness during the nights, and the midnight sun appears around the 20th of May.

Even being above the Arctic Circle, don't expect any extreme temperature. The gulf stream makes life possible along the northern Norwegian coast, and the temperature are similar to the Alps. The oceanic climate has its specificities, with changing tempeartures and weather called byge in Norwegian.

Regarding snow, West-Finnmark has the repuation of being a snowy place, with precipitations above average and relatively colder temperatures compared to the surrounding regions.

This is good news for us ! 

Lodging and food

Your home away from home

Since a few years now, we have established our home and basecamp on the other side of the western border of Finnmark. 

Our home away from home is a 1-hour drive from Alta airport. Will take you to our cosy and simple lodge, by the Kvænangen fjord, which offers:

  • 1 sauna
  • 2 hot tubs
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Sea kayak equipment
  • 1 motorboat with fishing gear
  • 2 houses by the fjord, with a total of 11 beds
  • 1 boathouse used as an outdoor kitchen / grill and dining room
  • amazing views and direct acess to some of the best ski tours of the region from our front door

Your host in Finnmark

Erik is our chef and our master of logistics.

He will make sure that everything runs smoothly, from pick-up to drop-off.
Together with the guides, Erik will organise the days so that you will only have to focus on skiing and having a good time.

Food is not just energy for skiing, it's a cultural journey as well.

Erik cooks only fresh and local ingredients, and gets our supplies exclusively from local partners and shops.
You can expect to taste some local specialities like reindeer or cod, and also some more exotic products.

Every morning Erik will be up early to cook your breakfast and a lunch buffet to prepare your own sandwichesbefore we head out.
In the evening we will all sit around the dinner table for a tasty meal.


Moving around in Finnmark


There are a few tours starting from our front door. But mostly we'll drive to discover the main fjords and ranges around us with driving timesat a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 45 minutes..

Ferry and boats:

Depending on where we go, we will use ferries or smaller boats, that we rent from local fishermen. Our network of professionals seamen that we gotten to know over the years gives us a lot of options. We can go anywhere we want, out of the commercial routes and local transports.

Sea kayaks:

We have kayaks, drysuits and safety gear for our groups. This gives us the possibility to take you to remopte areas in a beautiful way. Next level adventure!

Your guides in Finnmark

When joining us in Finnmark, you will get to meet a group of guides that share the passion for the arctic environnement and the norwegian mountains.

Snow and weather are peculiar at 70° north, and it takes some time and special interest to adjust to these conditions. Knowing the fine details of the geography and understanding the weather patterns guarantee that we deliver the best possible experience for our guests.
All of us have an extensive experience of riding in this area, and we are all eager to share our local knowledge. 

Welcome to our team !

Wild Skiing in Northern Norway

12 years ago, after a few years skiing and exploring in Finnmark, we came back with a small film crew.

Time has passed, but the mountains are still the same, and so is our enthusiam and love for that region!

Included & Not Included


  • 7 nights accommodation.
  • All transportation in Norway is from/to Alta airport.
  • Dinners, Lunches, Breakfasts with delicious local products.
  • 6 days skiing with a UIAGM mountain guide for 6 people max per group.

Not Included

  • Drinks.
  • Kayak rental.
  • Personal insurances.
  • Flights to Alta and back.


From 2800€
EARLY BIRD PRICE per person until November 30th.
From 3000€
Per person for all bookings after November 30th.

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