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Ski touring in Norway : Romsdal

February to May 2019, weekly.

Level: C-D, 3-4

The county of Romsdal, located on the norwegian west coast between Bergen and Trondheim, is one of the best ski touring area in Norway. The scenery, with deep fjords and high peaks, is really emblematic of the country.

South of the Romsdalfjord and of the small town of Åndalsnes, the area where we will ski offers a great variety of terrains, with the highest peak at 1852m. The size and the sometimes steep shape of the mountains (the Trolltind being the most famous) gives a strong “alpine” feeling, but the water and the fjords are never too far away and reminds us that we’re in Norway for good !

Romsdal is a ski touring destination that will satisfy all level and meet all expectations : short trips or long climbs, easy or technical summits, cruising down the easy terrain or skiing the steeps..

During this trip we will stay close to Åndalsnes, in the heart of the massive, and we’ll go each day for a new mountain, looking for the best snow.


The meeting point is in Molde airport, where Norwegian and SAS are flying daily from Oslo. From there, we drive south, and after 60km and a ferry we arrive in Åndalsnes.


From west to east, the climate goes from coastal to continental with significant differences in temperatures and snow which gives us a good choice regarding ski tours, with milder conditions next to the ocean and a colder inland snowpack.

Romsdal is south enough to enable us to ski all winter, but the weather uses to be more stable during the second half of the winter and in the spring


Ski touring, 1000 to 1500m of climbing per day. We access the starts of the tours by car, which makes it easy to adjust to your expectations.

Physical level : 3 to 4

Technical level : C to D

To be sure to give you the best experience, we ski only with small groups of 6 people maximum with each mountain guide and we make sure that you are in a group with same fitness and expectations so that you get the skiing you’re looking for.


Full board in a beautiful and cosy hotel nested at the bottom of the mountains a few kilometers outside Åndalsnes. The meals are made of freshly cooked local products.


2595€ per person

Included :

-6 days skiing with a UIAGM Mountain Guide

-all transports in Norway, from/to the airport

-lodging full board in double rooms

Not included :

-your flight to Molde


-your personal insurances

Booking and informations
Send us a mail or call +46 733745959 (en, fr, se)

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