25th of July / 1st of August

Maurienne Valley



25th of July / 1st of August

Maurienne Valley

Teaser week 2020

Come & Launch the summer season with us !

One week to discover what the Valley of Haute Maurienne can offer in the summer: guided tours to glaciers, rock and via ferrata climbing, canyoning in crystal clear mountain streams, single tracks in the forests, mountain tops and many more!

All you need to do is book your stay, relax... and ask us for the menu of the day!

Trip Essentials

Summer Multi Activity
25th of July / 1st of August 2020
Maurienne Valley
All levels, families and kids welcome !

Rock Climbing

From total beginners to experts, we have the terrain and the instructors to help you get confident and find the joy of moving on rock with grace... During this half-day course, we'll walk you through:

-safety: how to use the climbing gear in a good way.

-rope management: climbing is a team sport, and you have to know how to properly take care of your partner.

-climbing technique: how to have fun and be efficient in different kind of climbing situations.

Where: Aussois and Sollières

When: half day activity, mornings and afternoons

Guides: all of us!

Price: 40€ per person

Via Ferrata

The world of verticality for everyone !

Thanks to a lifeline cable to which you are connected without interruption, you will be able to follow the via ferrata without being concerned for your safety. The artificial steps, the ladders and other equipements will make your progression easy. You need to be reasonnably fit, but no former experience of climbing is required.

If this concept was first born for defense reasons on the borders between the alpine countries, its comeback as a sport activity in the eighties was initiated, among a few others, in Maurienne. Today we have a wide choice of itineraries with a great variation, from the easy ones for kids to the very advanced that will require more stamina...and nerve control. 
Most of the routes are accessible whatever your level, and all have in common the same breathtaking views.

Where: Aussois, Forts de l'Eisseillon and Pont du Diable

When: half day activity, mornings & afternoons

Guides: all of us !

Price: 40€ / person

Kids: some of the via ferratas are suitable for small kids (4 years old). 

Mountain Bike

Enduro, Cross country & Downhill

Yes we have it all in Maurienne : nice and well maintained downhill singletracks in the resorts of Aussois, Val-Cenis & La Norma, wilder but still great enduro singles away from the lifts, as well as many forest dirt roads, paths and secret spots... During the Teaser Week, you will have the choice between using shuttles and lifts to ride only downhill, going for long cross country days out, or riding our best enduro trails. With our certified bike guides, you will improve your technique and learn about the gear, while having tons of funs of course.

All different kind of bikes are available for rental. And if you're unsure about your level of fitness, we also have e-bikes so you can keep up with the rest of the group with a minimum effort!

Where: Val Cenis, Aussois, and the Italian side of the Mont-Cenis Pass

When: All day activity, from 9 to 16. 

Guide: Cédric

Price: 80€ per person, with bike (supplement for ebike)

Gravel Biking

The lightness of road biking, but in an Alpine environnement 

Alpine Gravel is where road and mountain biking are meeting! 

Imagine riding a light, stiff bike, on dirt roads in an awesome mountains environnement. Away from any traffic. That's the kind of experience we want to share with you.

Thanks to the military history, the Maurienne and its Italian side have a huge network of dirt roads that are perfect on such bikes. We'll use all our knowledge to take you tto he best ones, and show you that there is actually very little limitations with this gear.

Where: Mont-Cenis plateau

When: All day activity, 9 to 16.

Guide: Jérome (biking instructor)

Price: 80€ per person


Take some altitude & climb a peak !

Advanced or complete beginner, there are mountains for everyone.

During the teaser week, we want to give you the full experience and show you our kingdom! We will hike first to a hut where we will spend the night, away from the ruckus of civilisation. The next morning, after an early "alpine start" we'll start the day under the starlight to take you to the most beautiful views of our mountains.The goal will be to enjoy the scenery while getting a great exercise, but also to teach you some of the techniques, depending on your level. Navigating on glaciers, using ice axes and crampons, basic alpine climbing, using the rope to be both safe and flowy, there is a lot to talk about!

Where: Aussois (Refuge de la Dent Parrachée) or Bonneval (Refuge des Evettes)

When: All day activity, plus the night and afternnon before.

Guides: Victor, Clément, Sylvain, Chuchu...well most of the team!

Price: 200€/pers, mountain hut included 


Safely attached to your pilot and instructor, run a few meters and let the alpine breeze lift you in the air... Paragliding is open for everyone, with (almost) no limitations in age. The only thing you need to be able to do is running a few meters on take off and landing.

This is a soft activity, perfect to start a rest day during the teaser week, or before going for something else in the afternoon. Just enjoy the view and the incredible feeling of the flight...or ask your pilot for more senstaions. Paraglide is also great for aerobatics!

Where: Aussois and Val Cenis

When: Early morning flights are the most quiet. Last landing at 13h.

Pilot: Paulo

Prices: 10-20mn, 80€ / 20-30mn 100€ / 40-50mn 150€

Kids: from 5 years old

Canyoning, what's that?

Canyoning is a very unique combination of contemplation and action!

Comtemplation becasue you find yourself in a seldom visited kind of place: a mountain stream at its most secret spot, where is disappears from sight deep in a canyon. There, the colors, teh light and the shapes of the rocks are beyong imagination.

Action because over the milleniums, the water has shaped a perfect and natural amusement park with infinite possibilities to play in the water.

Equipped with a thick wetsuit, a helmet and a harness, we will follow a mountain stream in its deep, natural canyon. We walk where there is space on the shore, and swim when we have to. On the way there are also jumps and natural slides, and sometimes we'll use the rope to rappel down.

Trail Running

The most simple, yet demanding mountain sport. You don't need more than a pair of running shoes to be all set.

With thousands of running options, our guide Pierre (aka Pierrot) will show you the local trails, adjusted to your level and always with a focus on running in the most possible beautiful settings.

Rich of his experience in extreme long distance trail running, Pierrot will help you to grow your technique and improve your training routines. For the beginners he will teach you the basics of trail running, and hopefully give you the will to continue!

Where: Val Cenis

When: , half day activity (9 to 12)

Guide: Pierre

Price: 40€ / person

Microlight Scenic Flights

Thanks to a perfectly located airfield in Sollières, we can fly you anywhere in the Maurienne valley, and beyond...

Depending on the weatherm different flights will be proposed daily.

This modern and incredible flying machine is pefect for quiet, contemplative flights, but it can also fly tactical just a few feets away from the tree tops, opr fly high enough to be among glaciers at more than 3000m asl.

You have mor etime and dream about the Mont-Blanc? Let's go !

Where: Sollières airfield, LFKD, 10mn walk from Les Liouès

When: Morning activity, form 7am to 11am

Pilots: Jb, Fred and Christophe

Price: 70€ (15mn)

Kids from 5 years old

Road Biking

The valley of Maurienne is home to most of the biggest, highest and most famous "cols" in the Alps. 

These mountain roads culminating far above 2000m above sea level have all made the history of the Tour de France at some point: Galibier, Iseran, Mont-Cenis, Lacets de Montvernier and many others.

Climbing (and descending...) one of these giants is definitely a must-do for any road bike lover.

We will provide rental bikes, GPS files and on request we can have a follow car with assistance.

Where: from Saint Jean de Maurienne (Glandon, Croix de Fer) to Bonneval (Col de l'Iseran)

When: all day activity, 9am to 16pm

Prices: 80€/pers, bike included


Kids and families are more than welcome during the teaser week !

All our activities are kids-friendly and can be adjusted to all ages from 5 years old to teenagers.

Wondering about package prices for the youngsters or family deals ? Please get in touch!



  • Lodging in double rooms & dinners 7 nights
  • Welcome drinks
  • Concert & BBQ evening

Not including:

  • transfers (contact us for info and booking)
  • breakfasts and lunches
  • activities (see to the right ----> )
  • your personal insurances
accommodation package
On Request
No lodging, activities à la carte
Transfer from/to Geneva
Transfer from/to Turin
single room

Lodging, Food & Party

You will stay at the Chalet Les Liouès and eat dinners at the neighboring "Erablo" restaurant, our main partners since many years, and we can assure you that simplicity, authenticity and comfort is what you will get!

The appartments are spacy and come in different sizes, from solo traveller to bigger families. There is enough privacy to accomodate different parties in the same appartment. Get in touch with us if you want to book a single.

During the week, you will be served locally sourced and, of course, home made food. Jean-Luc cooks meals that will help you stay in shape for all the activities.

And because conviviality matters to us, we'll invite you to a big party at the local airfield in Sollières, with live music, local beer and BBQ. A great occasion to share experiences, meet the locals and simply relax!

Activities Punch Card

You will get a punch card on the day of your arrival, and all activities will be booked the evening before. Each punch is 10€, you'll pay by the end of the week. No headache, simple!