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Ski touring in Colorado

The White Gold Rush | Ski Touring in Colorado.

7th / 15th of March 2019

Level: C-D,3-4

​Upguides is going west !

Among all the american states, many names are making our skier’s hearts beat a little faster: Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, you name it. But Colorado is special to us, because it’s the home to our good friend Eric. Thanks to him, we’ve been discovering his playground as if we were locals, and we’d like to share that feeling with you today ! In a small group of 6, with Eric as a co-guide we’ll be exploring the immense possibilities of skiing, from Denver to the Rocky Mountains.

World known for the big ski resorts of Vail or Aspen, the state of Colorado is worth a visit if you love ski touring. Far from the lifts and the ski industry, the region is covered with some of the best ski terrain you can imagine. The size is huge and the diversity is mind blowing ,from the San Juan mountains in the south to the Front range so close to the city of Denver, via the Rocky Mountains : high altitude, deep forests, alpine terrain, couloirs… You might twist your neck more than once while driving through the state !

So you might ask yourself where we’re gonna ski ? Well, we made the promise to our local friends to not mention any name.

Probably you’ll have to do the same !


​28th of February : arrival in Denver, short drive to Georgetown.

1st/4th of March : Ski touring in the Front Range, joining the Ski Og Skred Workshop.

4th of March in the evening : we drive to the region of Carbondale.

5th/8th of March : Ski Touring in some of the best spots we’ve discovered those last years.

8th of March : final evening in Denver

9th of March : one day to visit the city, flight back in the afternoon.


Denver, Colorado


Denver is known as “The Mile High City”, so the main concern in Colorado is altitude. Nothing is specially extreme in the climate, but you need to be ready to adjust to altitude. It’s not rare to start the hike above 2500m.


Ski touring, walking 3 to 6 hours each day.
Physical level : 3 to 4
Technical level : C to D

To be sure to give you the best experience, we ski only with small groups of 6 people maximum with each mountain guide.



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