Via Ferrata

Welcome to the vertical world!

If you can climb a simple ladder, then you're fit for a Via Ferrata! 
Step into a world of verticality, not reserved for rock climbers anymore.

Trip Essentials

June to October
All levels, families and kids welcome !

What is a Via Ferrata?

A Via Ferrata is a climbing route, where the climbing is made safer by a steel cable that acts as a life-line from the start to the end. By having the proper gear (harness with shock absorber, helmet) and knowing how to use it, this activity is made particulary safe.

Along the route, a multitude of ladders, iron pins and steps are making the climbing easy, and accessible even without prior experience. The steepness can vary from gentle slabs to overhangs, and that is what will define the level of the via. But most of them are accessible to beginners, and even kids!

Not to be forgotten: different kinds of suspension bridges are often spicing up the routes!

A Brief History

Even though the first "sport" via ferrata was build in Austria in the mid 19th century, the major developpments did take place during world war one, along the borders bewteen Italy and Austria, mostly in the very rocky and steep Dolomites, to make possible and safer the movements of troops.

If these countries still have today the majority of the via ferratas in the Alps, a fair amount have been buld in France during the last 30 years, one of the major being the Via Ferrata du Diable, located in the valley of Haute-Maurienne Vanoise, in the Arc river canyon and directly below the Forts de l'Eisseillon, a massive military construction from the second half of the 19th century. 

Via Ferrata Du Diable

Our main playground !

The valley of Maurienne has many via ferratas, as far down as Saint Colomban des Villards, and as far up as Bessans, but the majority are located around Aussois, on the site of the Forts de l'Eisseillon (photo). The combination of the natural beauty of the canyon, the number and variety of the routes, the ease of access and, last but not least the historical interest of these very unique fortifications are making of the Via Ferrata du Diable the center of interest for the activity in Maurienne.

Here you will find very easy ones (Les Angelots, from 5 years old) and more challenging routes (Les Rois Mages)...and all in between.

Many combinations are possible, to make the adventure last from 2h to a whole day!

See the price list below for details.

Kids love Via ferratas !

We'll guide your kids (from 5 years old) to a great adventure that they will remember for a long time!

Starting with Les Angelots, Les Diablotins, then moving to some more advenced one (size depending), the kids friendly routes in Aussois are like a natural, XXL playground for the small ones. They will be challenged to try new things, get acquainted with the steepness, manage the gear, work on their balance. They will also discover what it means to move as a groupe and take care of each other, and to be safe and responsible. Even if the guide will alwyas be close and make sure that they do things properly, they will get a sense of autonomy that they'll love.

And above all, they will exercise a lot and have tons of fun !


Prices are given per person, in a group of 8 persons maximum for one guide.
Get in touch with us for a family price.

They include the gear (harness, helmet, shock absorber)

Les Angelots.
Les Diablotins
Traversée Des Anges / Montée au ciel / Rois mages / Le pichet
Descente Aux Enfers / Les jardins d'Eden / Valfréjus / pontamafrey / Val d'Ambin
Combination of 2

Where, When, How long ?

Depending on the Via Ferrata, you will get instructions about where you will meet your guide. Note that we can propose to transport you from our office in Sollières for an extra 4€ per person.

This is a half day activity, and the meeting time is 9am, but we can of course adjust to your schedule and start earlier or later.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

+33 7 85 62 21 53