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Ski Touring in Lofoten

Northern Norway's most iconic ski touring mountains!

Join us this winter in Lofoten, for a week filled with great skiing, learnings and new experiences!                                

With its beautiful steep mountains rising straight above the sea, Lofoten is full of possibilities for scenic ski touring, good and fresh seafood, and of course awesome evenings with mind blowing views.


Ski de Randonnée
18-25 March 2022
Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway
intermediate to advanced

Lofoten as a ski touring destination.

Lofoten is surrounded by water in every direction and is one of the place where the saying "skiing from the summit to the sea" makes the most sense.The mountains in Lofoten have an altitude from 700 to 1000m above sea level, and because of the harsh climate the treeline is somewhere between 300 and 400m, which gives a very easy access to the alpine terrain. 

With such a dramatic landscape, many summits are perfect for ski touring and well worth a visit.  Småtindan, Torskmannen, Geitgaljen and Trolltindan are just a few names on the long list of our favourite mountains.

Lofoten is famous for its oceanic climate with fast changing weather, and Mars is the best month for winter conditions.The dark times are over and it's possible to enjoy both long days with sunlight and northenlights in the evening!

Program & Concept

Like for all our ski trips, our goals are both to deliver the best possible skiing and to share with you our knowledge. We want you to come back home with new skills for future ski trips!

12 March: Arrival Day

From Svolvær airport, it's only 20mn to our lodge (1h from Leknes).

13-19 March: Skiing!

Every day a new place, that's the plan! Depending on the weather and snow conditions, we'll take you to the best possible skiing. Each day will start with a morning meeting. We'll talk about the weather and snow, and from there we'll explain you how we choose our destination.

The program will also be adjusted to the group skills and expectations. 

Your Guides

Jonas is now following the guide education (IFMGA / UIAGM) and has a great nose to find good powder, based on local conditions. He's working as a teacher for climbing, skiing and outdoor life in an Outdoor School and as a guide at Upguides since they met during Ski og Skred, the 6 month avalanche course. Communicative,skilled and humble, Jonas is good at giving attention to everyone in a group and at making sure that everybody has a great time, feeling safe and confident.

Espen has lived and worked for 5 years on Svalbard where he's a certified guide. he's educated into agronomy, sociolgy and pedagogy. He is also an avalanche safety instructor and is nowadays sharing his life between his small farm and the mountains. Him and Jonas met also during their six month at Ski og Skred and since then have been a great team to be around while skiing. The way they communicate together and with their group is the guarantee for good skiing and great learnings!

Avec nous, skiez en petit groupe !

Chez Upguides, on limite la taille des groupes à 6 skieurs pour un guide, au maximum.

Le ski hors-piste impose souvent de prendre ses distances, pour la sécurité ou bien pour le confort. Un petit groupe, ça veut donc dire plus de ski pour chacun, le groupe se déplace avec plus de fluidité, et vous êtes plus souvent en train skier que d'attendre votre tour.

Et faut-il vraiment parler du surcroît de sécurité apporté par un groupe de taille raisonnable ? Le guide peut ainsi avoir tout le monde sous ses yeux en permanence, et communiquer de manière plus efficace.

Les grands groupes sont lents, leurs déplacements fastidieux et on aime trop le ski pour supporter ça. Pas question pour nous de nous retrouver avec une farandole de skieurs si longue qu'on aurait du mal à se souvenir du prénom de chacun ! 

Where do we stay?

 Lofoten apartment is gonna be our home for the week.

It's located in Hopen, on the island of Austvågøy. Build in 1946 as a fish processing plant, the house has been renovated in 2014 and offers now three modern and cozy appartments in incredible surroundings.

Sauna and hot tub are available every evenings, and if you fancy a cold bath you can directly jump in the sea!

Each appartment has a kitchen and it's easy to cook our own food. One of the days we will go out to fish after skiing, and a cook will help us to prepare whatever we catch. 



  • 6 days ski touring with a guide
  • Lodging 7 nights
  • One fishing trip
  • One dinner
  • Airport transfer from Svolvær and local transport

Not included:

  • Food (except one evening)
  • Sauna (200nok/person)
  • Personal insurance
  • Your trip to reach Lofoten
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