Talk to a guide :

What is my skiing level?

To make the best of your trip, be honest to yourself and find out what your level really is, both physically and technically. Check our scales, and if you hesitate,please call us !


1 – I don’t exercise regularly and ski for less than two weeks a year. I can walk (on skis with skins) for an hour without any difficulties. 2 – I exercise once or twice a week and ski for two to four weeks a year. I can walk (on skis with skins) for two hours without any difficulties. 3 – I exercise regularly and ski at least one month a year. I can walk (on skis with skins) for half a day without any difficulties. 4 – I exercise frequently and go skiing as often as I can. I can walk uphill and/or ski down for a whole day.

Technical skills

A – I can ski red pistes. I have little off-piste experience but dream of powder skiing… Discovering ski touring and going uphill on skis with skins is something I would like to try out. B – I can ski all types of pistes. I sometimes ski off-piste but would like to improve my skills. Ski touring interests me. C – I can ski all types of piste including off-piste as long as the terrain isn’t too steep. I have already gone ski touring and would like to refine my technique, knowledge of the mountains and about the equipment that is required. D – I am a very competent skier and can easily ski anywhere, whether on-piste or off-piste. I go ski touring regularly.

Why going with a guide?