Stay fresh!

Canyoning is the perfect activity on a hot summer day.

Imagine following a fresh mountain stream, swimming, jumping, sliding and rapelling in an incredible environnement of rocks, water, sun and shadow. 

It's all about fun, and great for kids and families!


June to September
All levels, families and kids welcome!


Come and discover the mountain rivers as you have never seen them! In a unique aquatic setting, come jump, slide, and swim in the fresh waters of the Alpine canyons.

For half day or a day, for an initiation or more advanced session, let yourself be guided in the clear waters in a wild and authentic playground. Jumps and slides are many but never compulsory, it's all about fun! Come alone, with friends, family and throw yourself in the water! 

Where: Bonneval (L'Ecot) or Col du Mont Cenis.

When: Half-day, morning activity (9h15 to 13)

Guides: Morgane, Clément, Victor, Fred

Kids: as soon as they can swim 

Canyoning, for whom?

Canyoning is an activity for everyone, and kids are welcome in all canyons from 12 years old.

Younger than 12, there are possibilities, just get in touch with us.

No jump or slide is mandatory, as we can walk around, or rappel down all of these obstacles. This said, if you are extremely scared of heights, you might not really like it. But if you're looking for some challenges, you'll definitely love it!

And do we need to say it, but yes, you need to know how to swim. The wetsuit gives a lot of buoyancy but still, being confortabl in the water is essential.

Our canyons

In the valley of Haute-Maurienne:

  • L'Écot: a classic at the very top end of teh valley, in Bonneval sur Arc. Surrounded by high mountains, this very playful canyon can be done in two distinct parts, a first one that is kid friendly (even below 12) and a second one more narrow, with jumps that will make an impression!
  • Ronce: above the Mont-Cenis lake. This canyon alternates narrow gorges and more open wide passges, with a beautiful view on the lake. Jumps, slides and rappels...and a bath in the Mont-Cenis as a bonus!
  • Vallonbrun: a hidden gem, rather short but showing an amazing complexity of rock shapes. Between two jumps, looking at how the water has been eroding the rocks will leave you speechless.

Somewhere else?

You already know these 3 canyons? You want to go further, discover new places or even learn and become autonomous? Get in touch, we will put up the best possible program for you!

Group Size & Pricing

We limit our groups to 8 persons with one guide. The price is given per person, and  includes the loan of technical gear (wetsuit, harness and helmet)

Group price
Get in touch!

L'Écot 1/2 day
Ronce, Vallonbrun, Caprie

Information & bookings

+33 785 62 21 53