Terms and conditions

UP Ski & Mountain Guides AB is a company registered in Sweden under the number 556985-2097

A] Informations and booking

-A detailed description of every package trip is available on our two websites, www.upguides.com and www.offpistmaurienne.com

-The bookings are always confirmed after an email and/or phone contact.

-The booking is effective after the payment of the deposit.

B] Payment

-A deposit of 20% of the total price is required for booking. It has to be payed, at the latest, three months before the first day of the trip.

-The balance (80%) is due, at the latest, one week before the first day of the trip.

-All payment are made following the bank account informations given on the invoice that will be sent to you. Thanks to use the invoice number as a reference for your payment.

C] Cancellation policy

-If we are canceling the trip, all payment that you’ve made will be integrally returned to you.

-If you are canceling, whatever the reasons are:

.More than three months before the trip, all payment will be returned to you, minus 5% of administrative fees, and with a limit of 30€.

.Less than three months before the trip, we keep you deposit.

D] Insurances

Our professional insurances are, in no case, substitute to your own personal insurances, and you are responsible for purchasing one that covers the search&rescue, medical and repatriation costs for all activities and countries concerned by the trip.

E] Special COVID-19

Regarding the COVID-19 situation, we will refund our guests if:
- there is a restriction of circulation to travel to France, in a case of force majeure
- there is a quarantine once you arrive in France
- there is a closure of the french border
- your region/country is confined with no possibility of moving

If you can't travel because you have the covid-19 / if you are under quarantine, you should have a personal insurance to refund you.