Towards autonomy!


Towards autonomy!

Rock Climbing Course

Towards autonomy!

Rock climbing is more than just one side of alpinism, it's a sport in itself, that will be present at the next Olympics! The goal with this course is to enable the occasional climber to get more autonomy on sport climbing crags, and, at the end of the course, to discover mutli-pitch climbin.


8-12 August 2022
Haute-Maurienne, France.
From french 5b (top rope)

A few facts about the course

Sport climbing crags, 10 to 30m high

Multi-pitch: from 60 to 400m 

How much rope you will have to coil duriong the course : approx 1000m !

Duration: 3 full days from 9am to 5pm, 1 rest day,  1 whole day for the multi-pitch route.

Elevation: 1200 to 3000m asl

Maximum number of participants per guide: 6

Climbing in the Maurienne Valley

This long Alpine valley is more famous for skiing than for climbing.

But since a few decades, both local guides and climbers have developped and bolted many sport crags and higher cliffs. 

The geology of the intern Alps is very complex here, and it's no surprise that the variety of rocks is so wide: granits in the lower part of the Maurienne, close to the Lauzière massive, lots of limestone including the tallest limestone cliff (La Croix des Têtes, more than 700m of climbing!), gneiss in Bonneval, conglomerates and quartzite around Aussois. 

With this amount of different rocks comes a great variety in the styles of climbing, and makes Maurienne a great place to improve your skills.

The geological map to the right shows the incredible amount of different rocks in that valley!

Am I good enough to sign up?

This is a beginner course. 

All the experience you need is a few days climbing, indoor or outdoor, using a rope or just bouldering.

If you're able to climb french 5b on top rope and if you have a high motivation, this course is for you.

No prior knowledge of rope techniques is required.

5b. what does that mean?

The guides's favourites

There are much more possibilities for climbing in Maurienne than we have time showing you in 4 days. Fortunately, there are some that we love a bit more than the others...

The Rocher des Amoureux is a staple for the local climbing scene, and for all levels, and it's perfect for a first day. Here, there are routes for all levels, and a long rappel (abseil) to practice at the end of the day. Not to be forgotten, an outdoor pub at the foot of the crag.

Then Marie-Christine and Côte Blanche are great places to improve your technique on limestone.

If the weather is getting too hot, the Planay in Bramans, or the Drailles Blanches in Bessans are altitude crags that stay cool at the warmest of summer. 

In the valley of Fournache, Vanoise National Park, we'll find a wide choice of multi-pitch routes, in beautiful surroundings of alpine meadows, glaciers and peaks.

(Note that this is only a proposition, the day to day program will be adjusted every day by the guide, according to the groups level and the planned learning situations)

Climbing in Maurienne: the guidebook

The new edition of the climbing guidebook came out in 2020!

A whole lot of new routes that have been open recently have been added, from Modane to Bonneval, offering now an incredible choice of routes with a lot of variation.

Food for thought!

Order it here

Group Size

3 to 5 persons in a group for sport climbing

3 persons max for a guide during multi-pitch ascents on day 4.

per person for 4 days climbing with an IFMGA Mountain Guide.

Lodging and meeting point

This course is suitable if you are staying bewteen Modane and Val-Cenis.

If you need help for lodging, we can help you and book via one of our partners, just get in touch.

We'll meet every morning directly at the crag, or at the Upguides office (ZA des Favière- Sollières, Plus code: 7R87+P4 Sollières-Sardières) 

Kit List

What do I need to bring for the climbing course?