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Ski and Exploration in Albania

A whole different world so close to us… That was our first thought when we came back from our first ski trip to Albania.

From a skier’s point of view, everything you can dream about is waiting for you in that small country of the Balkan region. From the North to the South are a lot of different mountain ranges, with altitudes up to 2764m (Mount Korab, on the border with Macedonia) and do we need to mention that many of them have never been skied ? With a bit of imagination and good logistics the possibilities for ski touring are huge!


9-16 February 2024
Dinaric Alps
C,D 3,4

Day by Day Program

The Albanian mountains are wild and remote, and the snow and weather conditions are variable from one year to the other. For these reasons,a static program is too much of a gamble. Keeping the flexibility is the key to some great skiing !

On the first day we will fly to Tirana in the morning, have directly a briefing with our local guide and then start to drive towards the mountains. Depending on the situation it is possible to start from the Montenegro border to the North, of the Greek border to the South. 

During day 2 to 7 we will hunt the best snow and weather conditions. Priority to touring and skiing ! The driving between different places is also the occasion to see more of Albania. We will probably visit places like Valbonë National Park or Mount Korab (that have gain a good reputation among skiers), but we will as well explore mountains that have most obviously never been skied. 

On day 7 we will drive back to Tirana after our last ski touring day, have a nice dinner in a restaurant and spend the night in an hotel before heading back to the airport the next morning.

Climate, snow & skiing

Albania is a very mountainous country, and the peculiar location of the mountain ranges, far south and at the border between the Adriatic sea and the colder continental climate make them prone to a very changing weather. Mid winter is the best period for ski touring in the Albanian Alps, both regarding the amount of snow and the temperatures. 

The climate can be described as quite equivalent to the Alps, with more intensity, and the snow reflects that situation. It's not rare that you will ski powder, soft slabs and corn on the same day!

 The difficulties to access certain areas due to long and difficult roads makes every day an adventure. There are very few to no informations about the skiing and the maps aren’t always very accurate.

Some would see this situation as a hassle, but we see it as a unique possibility to live a genuine ski adventure in a very different way than what we are used to !

Accommodation, Logistics & Culture

We will stay both in small hostels and at local people’s houses. Even in the small cities of Albania it's possible to find hotels with a great level of comfort, but in the more remote areas the lodging can be more simple. 

To ensure good logistics, we have the help of a local agency, both to drive us around safely with fully equipped four wheelers, help us finding informations and lodging with the local people, and last but not least share their love for Albania and tell us about their culture and history. This fascinating country has been living secluded from the rest of the world for decades in the recent times, but before that they have a long history that Ladi, our guide loves to share and explain.

The culture is very lively, and the hospitality of Albanians is legendary!



- Guiding 6 days by an UIAGM mountain guide
- All transportation from / to Tirana airport
- All meals
- Accommodation for the duration of the stay in double rooms

Not included:

- Drinks
- Last dinner in Tirana
- Flight to/from Tirana
- Your personal insurances

Price per person in a group of 6

Good to know

Visa policy: 
No visa required for all European citizens, as well as many other countries. Full list of exemptions here.

Albania is a country where Islam is the most common, and all religions coexist in a very respectful and peaceful way.

Kit List

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