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Posted 2017 11 05 by Fred



...and join us for a ski touring expedition in Northern Norway !


We, at Upguides, have been having this plan on our minds for a long time : organising a ski touring week that would combine awesome skiing and great learnings in the most outstanding environnement, at a price that would make it accessible to the young skiers...

Thanks to our collaboration with Alta Folkehøgskole and Ski og Skred, this is now possible.


What is Ski Og Skred ?

In Norwegian, it simply means "Ski and Avalanche".

Hosted by Alta Folkehøgskole, this is a 6 month course that is about...guess what... skiing !

From November to March our students are following different courses related to mountain skiing and snow : ski technique, touring technique, snow science, avalanche theory, orientation and map reading, survival skills, winter camping, rescue operations and so on...

Our goal, as teachers, is to give our students the tool to become good, safe and smart mountain skiers
















The different courses are happening in Norway, Canada and in the Alps. We believe in the crucial importance of cultural exchange, and during th ewhole six month we encourage our students to be curious, talk and learn from other persons, whtever their level or background.


This is why we have decided this year to open two of our sessions to the public.


Both trips, which are tent based ski touring expeditions,  will have a similar program, but different dates and locations. 

You will be welcome the evening of your arrival in Alta Folkehøskole, Finnmark.

One the first day, you will meet our students and participate to the planning of the trip.

We will consider the weather / snow conditions of the moment to decide where to go to find the best possible skiing. This is a long and interesting process that will teach you a lot.

Once the place will be decided, it will be time for the logistics : tents, pulkas, stoves, food, personal and collective gear...and so on. You will learn a lot about how to plan such an expedition, and how you can be both light and comfortable for an extended period of time in the wilderness.

The next morning we'll leave Alta with a bus and get ready to leave the civilization for a while !



What will you learn, what will you get ?


Where is the good snow ? Why ?

Is it safe ? Why ?

These are basically the questions you will learn to answer, in order to be able to achieve this simple program : find the best snow, ski it, come  back to the camp happy, do it again !

On top of that, you will learn a lot about winter camping and what might look a bit impressive at the beginning (living out for a week or more) will become a second nature for you.

And you will probably enjoy it so much that you'll have a hard time when the last day will come...


Oh and did I mention the Northernlights & the bonfires in March ? The unending daylight in April ? Do I really need to ?


Where, when and how much ?


Get in touch with us for the 2020 dates and prices.


How to apply ?


Send an email to, where you tell us more about you, your background and experience as a skier, and why you would like to join us.



See you in Norway !



Images @Takahiro Nakanishi

Discover Ski Og SkredDiscover Ski Og SkredDiscover Ski Og SkredDiscover Ski Og SkredDiscover Ski Og SkredDiscover Ski Og SkredDiscover Ski Og SkredDiscover Ski Og SkredDiscover Ski Og SkredDiscover Ski Og SkredDiscover Ski Og Skred