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Sponsor an adventure and win a ski trip with us !

Posted 2016 08 27 by Fred


What's the deal ?

Johanna Davidsson will ski solo to the South Pole and we have decided to sponsor her by giving away one ski trip through a lottery. All the funds collected will be given to her as a support for her expedition.

So for as little as 200 sek you will both get the pleasure to sponsor a great person on a great adventure, and a chance to go on a ski trip in the french Alps (Maurienne, as described here) for the price of a couple of beer on the slopes !

Who's that girl ?


The first Swedish woman solo to the South Pole

This year in November, Johanna will start to ski solo to the South Pole. If she succed she will be the first Swedish woman to do a solo expedition in Antarctica. Starting from the coastline and onwards to the South Pole, heading straight 90 degrees south for 1100 km. At the pole she will pick up a depot and turn around to go back to the coast. This time she will take help by the wind and use kites. The total distance is 2300 km, and this journey will take her approximately two months. Chances of meeting other people are extremely small, therefore she prepares for being fully self-supported. Johanna will bring everything from the start which means she will be unassisted during the whole expedition.

The name SoloSister comes from a combination of past experiences and her profession. Last time she did a longer expedition was together with her sister. They crossed Greenland from south to north with kites. This time she will go solo. Sister also stands for her profession as a nurse. As a nurse you sometimes need to have courage and focus, which Johanna also need for this expedition. She wish to raise awareness about this profession in a positive way and to inspire others to follow their dream.

Follow her adventure on

How to participate ?

It's as easy as powder skiing ! 

-Pay 200 sek (21€), using Swish (1234416020) or Bankgiro (583-8693).

-If you're outside Sweden, or if you prefer, follow this link to a secured credit card payment page : pay here

-Don't forget to write your email address in the message box. 

-You'll get a confirmation email back.

-On the 31st of October, we'll draw lots and will announce who's gonna join us for a whole week of off-piste and ski touring in the Maurienne valley !

Good luck everybody !

Sponsor an adventure and win a ski trip with us !Sponsor an adventure and win a ski trip with us !Sponsor an adventure and win a ski trip with us !Sponsor an adventure and win a ski trip with us !