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Fabien Suiffet

Fabien Suiffet Fabien Suiffet Fabien Suiffet Fabien Suiffet

IFMGA Mountain Guide

Born in Haute-Maurienne in a family of forestry workers, he’s living a childhood as close as possible to the nature. His parents teach him very early the love for effort and mountains.

Like all kids in the valley he’s learning how to ski at the local ski club. However he’s particularly good in cross-country competitions and becomes instructor and trainer. He’s also keeping up with the studies, and lives 3 years of his job as an hydraulic engineer.

He quickly realizes that behind anywhere near a computer will drive him nuts in no time and decides to quit everything to become a guided cross country teacher full time in 2011.

Staring at a map and dreaming, the simple effort, the joy of making turns on velvet snow, a good bottle at the bivy… are all the things he’s burning for and likes to share, and even more in the mountains of Haute-Maurienne for which he has a special love.