Meet our Team !

The fact that your are visiting this webpage means that we have something in common. 

Ski touring, off-piste skiing, alpinism and climbing are passions that we share. We dream of sunny cliff faces, powder skiing, peak climbing, altitude, new adventures and discoveries.  

We are here to make your dreams come true, guide you, take responsibility for your safety and at the same time try and transfer our knowledge and experience. A mountain guide has an education that is accredited by IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations, which allows guiding and teaching of activities in alpine environments, such as ski touring/randonnée, alpinism and climbing. These competencies cover pretty much all mountain activities, both summer and winter, and in the whole world. When hiring a mountain guide, it doesn’t just mean that you are getting someone to show you the way. It is also a unique chance to get to know a professional that can help you realise your desires, inspire new ideas and adventures far from the ordinary trips and destinations. Do you want to improve your abilities? Take a course in alpinism, climbing, skiing or perhaps telemark? Do you want to experience something genuine? Join us on for ski touring in northern Norway, off-piste in undiscovered Maurienne valley in the French alps or for a traverse of the Kebnekaise massiv. On our website you will find information about trips, courses and activities that will take you away to fantastic places in beautiful mountains that we love, all around the world.

Fred Buttard / IFMGA Mountain guide

I am managing the company, organizing the trips and fixing everything for you, before, during and after action.

Born and raised in the Alps, I’ve been working ten years as a professional mountain guide in Chamonix. Since a few years I’m living and working between my home valley ( la Maurienne), Norway and basically all around the world. From the famous and huge Alps to the secret scandinavian mountains, it’s the quest for wilderness that keeps my motivation up and feeds my dreams of climbing, skiing and telemark.

Having the chance to share this with you and being able to help you to fulfill you own dreams is what is making me happy to be a guide, a wonderfull work based on communication and confidence. While guiding you, I’ll always do my best to share my experience with you and help you out to improve your skills. That way you’ll make the best of your time in the mountains, whatever your level is, with safety and good spirit.

At the other end of the world or just here there’s always a new adventure waiting for us. Why not going together?

Victor Charon / IFMGA Mountain guide

​I remember how everything started back in the days when I was, like all the kids from my village in Maurienne, training with the local ski club. All the focus was on racing. But unlike all the others, my cousins and me were definitely more attracted by powder and playing in the forest, to the point that the trainers of the club had to create an off-piste group !

As years went by, my passion for mountains grew bigger, and I was finally selected to be in a team of young french climbers that were going to be trained to become top alpinists. After a wonderful time with those guys, I went into the guide education and got the diploma in 2006. During that prior I got also certified as a ski patroller, and that’s how I begun my career : guiding in the summer, and patrolling the pistes of La Norma and Orelle Val Thorens for about ten years. The best was of course the avalanche bombing !

Then I decided to work as a guide full time, and my two first winters were spent in Val d’Isère. Now I’m enjoying snow both in my home valley, the Maurienne, and in the wonderful mountains of northern Norway as much as possible.

See you there!

Clément Bléteau / IFMGA Mountain Guide

Born in Grenoble, in a climbers family, it was no surprise that at 5 years old I was already tied to a rope. Spending all my vacations (or when truanting…) in my grandmother’s chalet in the Haute-Maurienne, that’s where I discovered the joy of skiing.Thanks to my father, I started travelling, climbing a 6000m top in Nepal, and then it was the Elbrus on skis.

Since then I am living with the urge of moving and discovering new horizons. I became a mountain leader in 2010 and kept training to finally get the IFMGA mountain guide certification. Here in Maurienne, or far abroad I will guide you, with skis, climbing shoes, crampons, you name it!

Sylvain Rechu / IFMGA Mountain Guide / Ski instructor

Pure product of the Maurienne Valley, I stepped in my first pair of skis at age 3, and almost never took them off.

At a young age I started with alpine skiing competitions with La Norma, and became a certified ski instructor in 2011.
Later on, my passion for alpinism started to grow when my father introduced me to rock climbing.The first multi-pitch climbs and the discovery of my first frozen waterfalls locked me to that environnement and to the feeling of freedom. My will to climb and to ski only for bigger and bigger…
At 20 years old I've got seriously contaminated by the travelling virus, with a first steep skiing expedition in Alaska. I am always on the move, from North America to Peru, with maybe a stop “chez Mumu” in Bonneval-Sur-Arc before continuing toward the fjords of Northern Norway for a bit of ski touring.

As a guide, I love to share the simplicity, the enjoyment and the feeling of mindfulness given by the life up on the mountains. I am good at giving you some of my great energy, on skis or just with my sense of humor that you will learn to appreciate…

I am getting quickly sick when packed in a cable car or at the bottom of a crowded chairlift like sheep in the herd, so it’s far from the crowds that I will guide you…if you can keep up with me!

Sylvain Baboud / IFMGA Mountain Guide

Traveling, climbing, skiing and mountaineering, have been my pretexts to see other horizons.
I have been packing for 10 years in Haute Maurienne, where I can practice all these activities, in a legendary preserved environment.
Engaged in local firemen, I integrated mountain rescue for 2 years. Graduated from the mountain guide academy since last autumn 2019, I will do my best to share with you my passion.