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Våga svängen!

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Våga svängen!


En mental utmaning och lyckan i den perfekta svängen!

Gå vår kurs i brant skidåkning i Maurienne för att förbättra din teknik, dina kunskaper och för att upptäcka ett nytt, intensivt sätt att åka skidor i en helt annan miljö än en vanlig dag i offpisten!

Skidteknik, förståelse för förhållandena, timing, mental förberedelse, fokus och till och med gruppdynamik - vi guidar dig genom alla de olika färdigheter som krävs för att först njuta av och sedan bemästra brant skidåkning.


Ski Touring
7e-10e Mars / Fullbokad
Haute-Maurienne, Frankrike

What's steep by the way?

The feeling of skiing something steep can have a great variation among skiers, but we can agree that the term "Steep Skiing" applies as soon as the classic ski technique isn't enough anymore. 

The configuration of the slope, its angle, how narrow it is, the quality of the snow as well as the possibility, or impossibility, to fall are some of the many parameters that are forcing the skier to adapt the technique.

The control of speed & trajectories has to be perfect, the skier has to be in control at all time.

And of course, beyond a certain angle, mastering the jump turn is not an option.

Welcome to the steeps!

Who can attend and what to expect?

This course is for you who's already a good skier, loves to spend time out in the mountains and wants to discover new lines and a new way to ski. You also need to be fit enough for long ski days, and hike 1000 vertical meters in 3 hours. An experience of walking with boot crampons (and putting them on) can also be to your advantage. You need to know your equipment really well, skis, boots, backpack, DVA and so on. When skiing the steeps, it¨s better to avoid struggling with gear.

This course will lead you towards autonomy, by learning how to find the perfect line, the one that will match your dreams and the reality...

Higher, faster, steeper, stronger is not the way one should approach steep skiing. During this course you will need to be patient, open to discussion and reflexion and self conscious when it comes to your skills.

Sum all of this up and you have the recipe for a good day skiing!

Day By Day Program

Day 1: Starter

Something light to start with. We're spending the day on steep, to review the basics of safety, gear and technique. We also take the time to discuss the conditions as they are, what will be possible or not the next days, and why. 1 guide / 3 persons

Day 2: Couloirs & Technique

We step up the game just a little, in an environnement where technique matters.Plat du jour: some of the classic couloirs in Haute Maurienne, we insist on technique and group management. 

Day 3: Now we're talking!

With an extra guide in the group, we move towards some more serious terrain, depending on the groups abilities and expectations. On the menu for today, jump turns and rope technique. 

Day 4: Grand Finale

The icing on the cake will be one of the iconic steep run of the region, chosen according to everyone's level. We'll go for some hiking and climbing before riding something that will give you confidence for the rest of your steep skier carreer. 

Some classic lines

Steep skiing is an activity with its own mythology, and there are many lines to dream about. Being patient and waiting for the right conditions is a part of the game! 

To name only a few of them:

La belle plinier, les couloirs nord 

Dent Parrachée (Vanoise), east face
Grande Casse (Vanoise), north face, couloir des Italiens
Dôme de Polset (Vanoise), south face

Grande Ciamarella (Haute-Maurienne), north face


...and many, many more!


Ingår i priset:

- 2 dagars skidåkning med 1 guide för 3 personer
- 2 dagars skidåkning med 2 guider för 3 personer

Ingår ej:

- Din resa till Maurienne
- Logi och mat
- Transporter i dalen
- Liftbiljetter, om det behövs
- Dina personliga försäkringar

per person

Skräddarsydd kurs

Vill du lägga till logi eller hämtning på flygplatsen?
Behöver du hyra utrustning eller bara har frågor om det?

Hör av dig till oss så kan vi hjälpa dig att anpassa kursen perfekt för dig!


7e-10e Mars kurs är fullbokad.
Kontakta oss för nya datum !